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Destination: Relaxation

There are numerous fun activities available for you enjoying during your trip to Utila. You can make your visit as active or relaxing as you please, frankly. 

Utila: More Than Just A Dive

Utila is synonymous with diving. For decades travelers have been trading in their city suits for bikinis and boardshorts and we don't blame them. Below the calm waters you'll find a world of budding marine life our hectic busy world seems to have forgotten. A true world heritage and something we must all fight to protect, no questions.  But sometimes we love staying dry and seeing the other parts to this pretty Caribbean island. 

Pack a light lunch and cycle to the Northshores for the best views!

Pack a light lunch and cycle to the Northshores for the best views!

On days off from diving, we highly recommend picking up some mountain bikes, or atv's and heading inland towards Pumpkin Hill and Utila's iron shores.  Pack a light lunch and bring lots of beverages because you'll never want to leave. The opportunity to refresh oneself in these crystal waters are abundant, so don't forget your swim gear.

Kayaking the Bay and Mangroves is an absolute must.

Kayaking the Bay and Mangroves is an absolute must.

Enjoy kayak rides alongside the Utila bay during sunset hours, forgetting not to pick up a cerveza along the way and make sure to check out the beautiful mangrove canal that leads one to the North side of Utila, where beautiful Rock Harbor is located, and one of our favorite rituals. 

Fishing Trips w Experienced Fishermen 

Fishing Trips w Experienced Fishermen 

A number of talented fishermen call this tropical retreat home, and we're in luck because they also offer visitors to Utila the opportunity to fly and gear fish from their very fast and well tended boats.


Above are just some of the many things we enjoy doing on the island, and we welcome you to explore it openly regardless of where you choose to call home during your time here. In fact, the more local businesses you choose to visit, the better for our community. 

Utila, Bay Islands.

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