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Know Before You Go


Your Health Comes First.

We've compiled a list of resources for you to read up on before your travels to the tropics. Consider this list the essentials when planning a trip to the Caribbean island of Utila! As always, if you have a concern about anything not listed (and listed) here, we are here to answer your questions.  Please email us and we will get back to you shortly. 



The essential packing list for your Tropical Vacation (What to bring and what to leave behind).

  • Bring The 4 S’s: SPF REEF SAFE Sunscreen, Swimsuit, Sandals + Sunhat.

  • Bring Vegan, ZERO WASTE dental floss .


  • Toiletries: Each reservation is provided with a toiletry bushel, which includes the following essentials listed below:

    a. Oneka’s Natural shampoo & conditioner (Canada).

    b. SPF REEF SAFE Sunscreen (PUPU’s 1 US fl oz, Roatan Island) and,

    c. Organic bar soap (Utila Co-Op, Utila Island).

    These toiletries are provided by Jade Seahorse in-part because we want to help minimize our tourism footprint. You can further help our island remain green by following our recommended PACK IN PACK OUT Tips:

  • PACK IN PACK OUT: We kindly ask that all of our visiting guests please leave behind (in their residing country) any and all unnecessary plastic (soft or hard) packaging. Utila Island is neither equipped nor currently capable of properly and safely disposing of toiletry recyclables and non-recyclables, which means that any plastic packaging you leave behind is incinerated. This is detrimental to our overall ecosystem and health.

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Keeping The Bugs At Bay.

Although there have been no reported cases of Zika on the island of Utila, vacationing in the tropics sometimes means we have to tolerate the application of excessive amounts of sunscreen, along with bug repellents to keep us protected from the harsh environments. Ensuring you are aware of the risks involved before making a decision to travel to a possible affected region is our goal. 

Utila Bay

Getting Here.

Your travel to Utila doesn't have to be complicated. As a rule of thumb, travelers unaware of travel (bus and flight) scheduling should allow 1 full day to get to Utila. There are a number of wonderful options for getting here, when booked in advanced. Some of the more popular cities to fly into (international flights) are San Pedro Sula, LaCeiba and Roatan, all viable options for a connecting flight directly to Utila, and of course LaCeiba (and most recently Roatan), which are where you take the Utila Dream Ferry - A great option for those exhausted of airplanes and want to arrive to the island feeling refreshed. Please contact us directly if you'd like any help with recommended (air travel) companies we trust, or if you'd like us to take care of this detail.  



Why Utila, Honduras?

  • Utila, Honduras is a great place to see the impressively beautiful and year round visitor, our resident WhaleSharks!

  • Utila is a safe and cheap island for young families looking to introduce their children to the natural wonders below the surface! Our dive shops are well equipped with fantastic tutors who can assist you with any questions or concerns concerning water sports.

  • We're a friendly island that welcomes families and visitors of all nations.

  • Honduras offers one of the most valuable tracts of primary tropical forest in Latin America. Activities like bird watching, white water rafting, hiking, and canopy under our stars can be arranged in most of the countries rainforest. Pico Bonito National Park is only a few miles away (and visible from Utila) once in LaCeiba. It is a wonderful place to include when visiting this diverse nation.


We'll admit we're biased in favor of warm tropical seas, so we've added a useful list of top reasons travelers love this region!

Nightland, inspired indulgence.