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Artisan Cabins

Jade Seahorse is a boutique hotel offering unrivaled vacation packages and accommodations on the Caribbean island of Utila 

Come stay in our Nightland Cabins

The Jade Seahorse is a tropical garden hideaway property located on the Caribbean island of Utila, catering to travelers seeking an art-focused and transformational experience, couples in search of that romantic getaway on a shoestring, a solo trip, best friend adventures, young families who are inspired by art and their surroundings and guests craving a taste of Utila's acclaimed diving. Whatever the reason may be for your visit to the Utila Bay Islands, we would like to welcome you!

Each of our six cabins at Jade Seahorse was designed and constructed by artist Neil Keller himself, and with the help of his favorite local carpenter, he ensured each cabin and every nook was created to the highest craftsmanship standards possible.   

beautiful accommodations on the bay island of Honduras, Utila

 Our cabins offer the perfect amount of privacy and allure for couples looking to get away and spend time together. Some cabins also serve as the perfect family cabin, providing couples with young children the extra space. 


Comfortable, spacious cabins bathed in natural light guarantee the perfect setup for a day in bed with your favorite book. Of course, there's also the option of closing the blinds and totally relaxing.

Utila island accommodations

The soothing decor of our cabins will put the stressed and exhausted traveler at ease, and bring smiles to your face during your time with us.  



Utila island hotel and accommodations

Spacious, bright and outward facing rooms that open up into our courtyard are all equipped with all the essential in-room amenities and complimentary extras for added comfort during your stay.


All six cabins at Jade Seahorse feature a unique style, charm and vibe.    We are thrilled to be in a position that allows us to share our space with only the most thoughtful, caring and appreciative humans on Earth. 

utila island accommodations

Delight your senses and ignite your imagination in our Fantasea cabin.           This guest room has access to views of the tranquil Utila East Bay and first priviledge on seasonal fruits from the resident Mango and Canip tree which abuts.  




Nightland, inspired indulgence.